The Ten Divisions is a term that refers to Divisions One through Ten. The Ten are spread out in equal locations across the globe and have precedents over all missions in comparison to all other Divisions. The Head of Division One is also the Head of the Ten Divisions, although after that, the skill of each Division is not ranked in any particular order.


Although the Divisions were initially ranked by skill set, this has now changed, although the first Ten Divisions are reportedly the best on field work, which is their specialty, but also on other venues.

Division One is best known as the top Division, and then Two-Ten hold the same level and after that 11-49 are regarded as equal, give or take, and Division Fifty is a mix of every Division.

Although the Ten rarely work together as a whole, a couple of Divisions with the Ten are often involved in missions together.

Division FiftyEdit

Division Fifty has often been associated with the Ten. Although the President of the KTS is not in direct charge of the Ten, although he/she is in charge of the whole KTS, his/her Division often joins in meetings with Ten. Whenever the president holds a meeting with the Ten, it is common to have a few of his staff present. Also, during celebratory events with the Ten, Division Fifty is usually invited.


Although during the early 1960's into the late 1980's, the Ten came together often. These meetings were usually not related to the KTS, rather as banquets or parties. It was common during this time for much camaraderie and communication between all the Divisions, unlike modern times where the Ten tend to only meet for official KTS purposes.

In 2006, President Sophia Hoffstad ordered the Ten to discuss a execute a raid on the the main headquarters of the BC.

In 2008, the Ten reunited to celebrate Bick Oliver on winning the presidential election per Oliver's request. The ceremony was held at the Stowde School for the Gifted.


Book OneEdit

The Ten are mentioned by Ailsa Greer in the placement ceremonies. Gwen Archer later explains what the Ten Divisions mean right before the Christmas party, in which the Ten and Division Fifty are invited. Richard's death is explained near the end of the book when Rudy Stertzer asks Henry Keener to tell him the story of the last President on the wall.

Book TwoEdit

The Ten are mentioned by Gwen when she, Rudy, and David Taylor are trying to figure out why President Bick Oliver was attacked. Gwen mentions the night in 2008 when all the Ten came to celebrate Bick's presidential win. At this event, only a few months after the betrayal of Malcolm Turner, Gwen witnessed a fight between Kimberly Lee and Bick, which ends with Kim crying in Bick's arms. This proves to be very useful information in tying Kim to Bick and in turn, to Mal.

Book ThreeEdit

In the opening, Kim has officially decided to make Rudy a full member of Division One. She announces this at a banquet she has invited the Ten to. The banquet is held on a boat in Australia where Gwen accidentally kisses Rudy.