Team Ezra is a TOKO Team led by Ezra Cormier . Kimberly Lee , Bick Oliver , and Malcolm Turner are all members of this team. They were chosen two years after the beginning to TOKO, but disbanded after Malcolm left the KTS . The team was on hiatus for two and a half years before Spencer Brown was was found as a replacement for Malcolm.



After Mal left, Team Ezra was sent on an immediate retrieval mission. They spent three weeks searching for him on a wild goose chase. Eventually, then-president, Caterina Cascados, orders Division One and Two to go find Mal and return him to the KTS. Team Ezra, ordered by TOKO leaders to immediately withdraw for fear of discovery, fall back, Kim continuing on with Division One while Bick is forced to stay behind with his Division. After Mal leaves a series of deadly traps for the retrieval team, Cascados changes to orders to kill on sight. Bick, disbelieving of Mal's capability in killing his own Division, decides to overturn Cascados. Although Ezra recommends not to, as it would jeopardize his loyalty to TOKO, Bick decides to run for the coming KTS Presidential Election. Coming in late to the race, Bick enters a week before the primaries. When the kill order is still on Mal, the two retrieval teams return home due to exhaustion. Cascados sends out a few other teams, but soon stops, knowing that only Division One is capable of returning the Head (clearly not aware of TOKO), she calls off all teams, but the kill order remains intact.

Kim moves Division One from Venice to Iowa.

When Bick is elected to President, he requests Kim's presence at his private swearing in, but she doesn't show. Hurt, Bick refuses to see her, thinking all his friends have betrayed him. Kim eventually comes to his place to tell him the truth about Mal and about Richard. She describes what happened, leaving out the part about admitting her love for him, and adds that those traps were clearly visible to her, ones Ezra had taught them to set years ago. She said that none of her team died only because she saw the traps. She said that she hadn't come to the realization earlier, always thinking that Mal really had tried to kill his team, but he was sending her a message, protecting his team because he knew that Division One would be sent out for him and Kim would see the traps. It was all for show. Bick tells her that he knew it all along: Mal wasn't really a bad guy. Kim, not wanting to tell him the truth, and still wanting to believe he was right, agrees, although she thinks Mal wasn't protecting her, just warning her that he was capable of killing them and that she should watch out, or next time, they wouldn't be recognizable.

Bick tells her that Ezra has talked to him, and Kim says the same. Team Ezra is now on hiatus, as the president isn't sure whether to disband it or not, so upset by Mal's betrayal. Kim says that "maybe this is a good thing. Maybe it's time we move on." Bick only tells her to wait, "some things fade, but they never really die." Bick only gets up and leaves, "it is what made us come to life" he says, "if the flame goes out, so do we."

From then on, Kim and Bick remained friends, but there was always a distance. Calls and updates, but never any real conversation.

Ezra comes to Bick the night before the Initiation Ceremony. They have not seen one another in a year and a half. He is in Bick's room, smoking. "We're off hiatus" he says, "we're just waiting for a replacement. We'll meet when I have more information." And the Ezra leaves, jumping out the window.


Book 1Edit

Team Ezra is never mentioned by name, but it becomes clear to Rudy and Gwen that Bick and Kim knew each other, but are now not friends. Bick later tells Kim that they have to go see 'him', which we can assume to be the first meeting since the split. When Ezra comes to the Christmas dinner, Gwen speculates to Rudy about how no one has met him except for Kim and Bick, and he may be a connection to their past. When David Taylor is hurt in the hospital, Bick asks Kim if she is referencing Ezra in her speech, she is not. In the final chapter, as Rudy sneaks through Kim's room, he finds a photograph under her bed of Team Ezra, confused as to who the other man might be, and why they are in the photograph behind the one of the current Division One and the one of Kim and Richard, Rudy leaves the photo and decides not to mention it to Gwen.

Book 2Edit

Team Ezra is seen in the first chapter in a flashback of Kim's. Bick comes over with Ezra to tell Kim that Mal has given up the names of the undercover agents in the GB. Ezra pushes them to come to the right conclusion, waiting for them to realize that Mal is playing a game, this was just his first move- now it their turn. Kim says this first, and then Bick adds that they know where Mal is and Team Ezra should find him before it is too late, to Ezra's approval. Kim loses her temper and punches a window, breaking the glass. Keen comes to her aide and Ezra tells Kim that the only chance they have right now, is with help from Division One. Ezra tells her that she needs to tell Keen and probably all of her Division, but all three of the kids decide against it. It surprised Bick that Ezra is open to speaking about TOKO, as they even went so far as to pull out from chasing Mal for their secrecy.

Before anything can happen, Bick is attacked by Mal in the Presidential Manor. Bick is asleep, and wakes to Mal above him. After Mal speaks him, he says tells him, "The game is set. I moved a pawn and you've prepared your knight- don't waste the move." The he shoots a poison into Bick and whispers in his ear that it will wear off in three weeks, Mal is just removing Bick from next play. As Bick begins to seizure, Mal walks out of the room, saying nothing except: "My queen isn't ready yet and neither is yours. Right now, she won't stand a chance."

Although Kim tries to search for Mal, and Ezra doesn't help her. As other matters become pressed, Kim gives up the search.

In the second to last chapter, Kim is waiting with a newly awakened Bick in the hospital when Ezra walks in with Spencer Brown, introducing him as the new member of Team Ezra. After the greetings are passed, Kim returns to her Division and Spencer leaves without telling them where he is headed. "An odd one," Ezra states as the new member walks away, "but he'll do." Bick then asks Ezra about Mal's actions and to tell him, honestly, what went wrong in Mal's life. The chapter ends with them discussing Mal's brother.