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Spencer Brown is introduced at the end of the second book as Mal Turner's replacement on the TOKO: Team Ezra . He is neither part of the GB or the KTS .


Not much is known about Spencer's background. Ezra Cormier refuses to tell Bick Oliver or Kim Lee where he is from apart from "the boss chose him, I'm just following orders" and "when he wants to tell you, he'll tell you." Spencer mentions once that he had a younger brother and he also had a best friend named Alfonso who died in the war, though Spencer doesn't


Height 6' 2"
Hair Sandy Brown
Affiliation TOKO
Rank Team Ezra
Status Alive
Family Younger Brother

mention which war.


Spencer is very quiet and whenever he speaks, unless he is being philosophical, he speaks no more than a few words at a time. He doesn't seem to personally like Bick or Kim, but has protected them from danger often. He told Kim once that he sees them as his team. He doesn't protect them because he doesn't want them to die, but because he is their teammate and it is his duty. Spencer values honor and justice, and will always pay back favors if owed, even to the wrong people. Like Ezra, he values his morals more than his orders, but unlike Ezra, he doesn't value what is right or wrong, but what is honorable.

Spencer likes to fight as well. He is always willing to fight if it is the easiest option.


He is really tall and incredibly skinny for his age. Kim thinks he would almost look lanky, if he didn't walk with such purpose. He wears a pair of black slacks and a tight black tee on top. He also wears a back flak jacket at all times, even in heat. He has a black watch on his left wrist, and a tattoo of an unknown symbol on his right hip, which is visible when his pants hang low and he is reaching up. No one knows how far it travels down, but Kim has speculated. Spencer's hair is light brown, straight, and silky. It is cut evenly, but unshapely, and hangs into his eyes. His features are small and his jaw angular. He has a scar on his bottom lip. His skin is incredibly white, even more so than Mal's. Spencer has never been seen smiling.

One weekend, Kim surprises him at his apartment in New York City, where she finds him in loose jeans and a ratty brown tee.


Book 2Edit

Around one a.m. three days after the Library attack, as all of Division One is still in debreifs at the North Pole, only Kim and Bick are left in the medical wing in the New Mexico base asleep. Ezra comes in and wakes them up, a figure behind them. He introduces Specer to his new team, surprising the other two members. Spencer greets them both, stating his speciality in fighting and working on a team. He tells them what to expect from him and then walks out. When Kim gets a notification telling her that her team is done debreifing, she leaves Spencer alone with Bick and Ezra. Bick asks Spencer to tell them about himself. Spencer interuppts him, saying he wishes to leave. Ezra gives him an okay and Spencer walks out.

A few minutes later, Ezra says that Spencer "is an odd one, but he will do."

Book 3Edit

Spencer is seen in the middle of the book when Kim goes to visit him in New York City. She stops by his apartment, where he is sleeping. She knocks on the door and surprised to find him pulling on a shirt as he asnwers the door. In his apartment is a woman named Holly Benson, she teases Spencer about having a girlfriend and then leaves, shoving a gun into her jeans. Kim eyes her, but Spencer doesn't explain, so Kim leaves it. She asks him why he saved her life the other day. He tells her it is because that is his job, they are on a team. She asks him to explain more, they can't be a team if they are not truthful. He talks his way out of explaining his past, and tells her they will be together when Ezra says so, but not right now.

Spencer is mentioned again when Bick asks where he is and Ezra says he is on holiday and will be back in a month.


  • (To Team Ezra) "I specialize in strategy and reinforced combat, and will be a very important member of your team."
  • (To Kimberly Lee) "I will protect you with my life because that is my duty, okay?"
  • (To Team Ezra) "I defied orders to assist a friend survive. I lost more men that day than I can remember, including my friend. Since then, I swore to myself that I would never create my own law."
  • (To Kimberly Lee) "You have misinterpreted the definition of a team. A team is a unit that works together to achieve a common goal. To feel emotionally bonded to a member of a team member is to break the unity of the team altogether."
  • (To Bick Oliver) "I don't understand why you'd want to save him. He made a choice, he sacraficed himself for what he wanted. He cannot be saved because he was never really lost. If he wants to come back he, he will. But at this point, to make him come 'home', as you call it, is only taking him away from where he wants to be, you see? Put simply, saving Malcolm Turner is no different than killing him."