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Sophia Hoffstad [hd] was the twenty-seventh president of the KTS.


Sophia was rumored to have had an on-off again relationship with the then-Head of Division One, Richard . When he was killed, she went against his wishes, which had been clearly expressed to her, and sided with the council, making Malcolm Turner Head of Division One. She once told Malcolm that she loved Richard, and that he had loved Mal and Kim more than he loved her, and she had trouble forgiving them for that. Sophia was president when TOKO first began. She was their first recruit to Team Snake.

Age 22
Height 5' 5"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth Amsterdam, Austria
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division Ten
Occupation ex-President (KTS)
KTS Initiation Age 9
Status Alive
Relationship Status Richard (ex-boyfriend)