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Shauna Wittneger [hd] was the twenty-fifth president of the KTS. She is the president who recruited Malcolm Turner, going against the Council, at the youngest age ever for a recruitment: 5. She personally gave him to Division One and to Liesel Montgomery (who in turn gave him to Richard). She was capture by the GB for three days before she escaped, and in turn, destroyed one the building she was held in. Shauna is now married to an ex-GB agent (one many had speculated she'd had an affair with, though they both don't remember it, during their teens). Keen once says that Shauna is considered to be one of the top 10 presidents the KTS has ever seen.

Age 30
Height 5' 4"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Place of Birth Santa Fe, NM
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division Eight
Occupation ex-President (KTS)
KTS Initiation Age 10
Status Alive
Relationship Status Drew Mann (husband)
Family Angela Mann (daughter)