S262- Rudolph Bryon Stertzer is one of the main protagonists introduced as the newest member of Division One in the first book. He is a member of the KTS .


Rudy was born in Paolo Alto, CA by Ana Stertzer and her first husband. He has an older brother who's name is unknown.

When Rudy was twelve, he was recruited by the KTS. He is regarded as a very talented child for being recruited at such an old age, as it is very rare for anyone past recruiting age to get in. Rudy had been walking home from school one day when he saw a fire start in a nearby house. Hearing a baby scream, he ran

Age 13
Height 5' 3"
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Place of Birth Paolo Alto, CA
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division One
Position Member
KTS Initiation Age 13
Agent I.D. S262
Status Alive
Family Ana Stertzer (mother)

inside to grab the child. Inside, he found the mother trapped beneath a shelving unit that had fallen down as she tried to get her child. Rudy, although slight for his age, was able to lift the the shelves off her and grab her child before the police arrived.

As Rudy became a local hero, his story came out in the papers. The KTS, debating whether or not to recruit him, decided to wait, to see if the GB would want him. Worried for Rudy's personal safety, President Oliver dispatched Division Two as a protection unit should any GB members come.

A few days later, Sean Price came with three unidentified GB agents and came to recruit Rudy. Understimating the KTS, Price's team was taken down. Following the president's orders, Rudy, seeing KTS agents, was recruited to the KTS by W211 .

He spent a year at Stowde in recruitment school before joining the KTS. Being accepted into Division One was a big shocker for him.


Rudy is mature for his age, and has often felt left out of activities because he never got on well with the boys in his class. He is a fast thinker, and has resorted to keeping quiet about the things he notices and observes because people used to make fun of him. He is quite calm, even in the most intense situations. He often offers guidance for his teammates.

Rudy never accepts anything unless it is the whole truth, but he is quite smart and picks and chooses his battles and which secrets to keep in waiting to give himself leverage. He keeps to himself for the most part but is not shy, and will easily treat anyone as an equal.

He is best friends with Gwen Archer , and Keen tells him it because she is the one person who will pay attention to him unconditionally while he is the only person who will keep her in line. Keen compares their relationship to his and Aimee's . Rudy is a strong supporter of the KTS but has nothing against the GB. He doesn't hold grudges and is very ope to understanding other people. Although Rudy has said he would have just as easily gone with GB had they found him first, he also says he will lay down everything for the KTS because they found him and gave him a chance, the KTS has his unwavering loyalty, even if he disagrees with the order. He doesn't show it, but family and friends is most important to Rudy. He puts himself before the team.


Rudy is described as being skinny and frail. He has a pixy like face and large brow eyes. He has white skin with freckles on his nose. He commonly wears jeans that hang low on his hips and a plaid shirt. He wears navy converse with one white tie and another lime green. His life support is around his neck and he has a piercing in his left ear.