K764- Richard was the Head of Division One of the KTS for three years. He is credited as being the best leader the KTS has ever seen. He is known for his high level of training and for improving even the worst operative drastically. He was killed in a suicidal move in an effort to protect his team.


Richard was born in Bristol, England and was dropped off in an orphanage. He grew up there, taking care of his little sister, Hadley. When he was six years

Agent I.D. K541
Place of Birth Bristol, England, U.K.
Age of Recruitment 9
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division One
Position ex-Head
ex-Proxy Leader
Height 5'10"
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Brown
Status Deceased

Hadley [d] (sister)

old, he was sent to a gifted school, and from there was recruited at nine years old to the KTS. He was initiated into Division One. He ran away many times in order to go find his younger sister. By the time he turned eleven, he was about to be kicked out of Division One for disobeying the Head so often. In a retaliation, he ran away one last time, only to find out his sister had died a few months before. Richard was then captured and brought back to the Division HQ. Instead of being kicked out, as the then President, Akila Zuberu , had ordered, his newly appointed Head, Liesel Montgomery, requested that he stay on, going even further and appointing him as her proxy leader. Although this installment shocked all of the KTS, Leisel had faith that he could rise up to the position. Richard, in an effort to grieve, took on the job. He went on to be regarded as an amazing proxy leader and even better Head. Although Richard was on good terms with every member of the KTS, he was especially close with Malcolm Turner . Recognizing something in him at a young age, Richard took him under his wing and began to train him. He has openly stated to have loved Mal like a son or a brother. When Richard became Head, he appointed Scotty to the position of proxy leader, preparing him to take over his position. He was soon invited to join the newly formed TOKO, deciding against it believing his team came first, and must always be availible to them and they must be his first priority. When Kim Lee joined the KTS, Richard saw something within her he said was "similar" to his own suffering. When he began training Mal, he had seen a significant difference in the boy's emotions, but as they continue to work together, this time with Kim, he begins to realize his own ignorance, stating that "Mal has something inside him so dark, that even though I've spent my blood to cure it, I can't seem to even cut open the outer shell." He realized the darkness within in Mal, and though he tried to coach him through it, truly believing that Mal could be the best agent the world has ever seen, he soon realized that he never had a chance as saving Mal. He believed that "she is the only one who can help him now", in that Kim, in their relationship, would be able to help Mal. When the two were invited to TOKO, Richard realized it was for the best, and noticed a significant change in Mal. Regardless, he left instructions for Kim in case his prophecy came true about Mal. One a mission a few weeks after Richard turned seventeen, a mission to kill the president of the GB ended in Richard's death. The mission, which included Divisions The Ten Divisions and Team Ezra was ended when jumped up out of an airplane to intercept a missle heading for the team.