The President of the KTS is the head of the KTS . There are two presidential parties in the KTS: the Camelot party and the Oz party. Bick Oliver is the current president, with Maurice as the vice-president.


A president is voted in every time the one in command leaves the KTS. If the president leaves pre-maturely, the vice-president will step into duty. The election process takes six months in total. The requirements for becoming president are that:

  • You have no more than 5 marks on your record
  • You be 10 years of age or over
  • You have served in the KTS for at least three years
  • You have at least ten successful A-rank missions on your record
  • You have led at least three successful mission B-rank or above
  • You get approval by at least three Division Heads
  • You pass the L.H.O.K. (Laws, History, and Overall Knowledge of the KTS) test

Once the candidate has met all the requirements, he/she may anonymously submit his/her request to the Council, who in turn will make sure all requirements are met. From there, the candidate will publicly announce their bid for presidency. There is no limit to how many candidates may run at once before the primaries, but you may only run three times without winning before you may no longer bid.

Each candidate must give at least two speeches at the North Pole Base. A month before the primaries, the candidates still running begin live debates in front of an audience. The debates are not televised, so each candidate must have three debates, each with different people(s) and every member of the KTS must be in attendance for at least one of them. Each member will receive a summons, usually divided randomly. If you do not appear during your summons, you will be held in contempt. After the debates have finished, each member votes for one candidate representative of their party. The Oz and Camelot nominees will then announce their choices for vice-presidents and they will run against each other (note: the vice-presidents are required to be younger than the president, but born within the same year as the president).

For the final two months, the candidates will continue to persuade KTS voters. When the election ends, two months before the current president's eighteenth birthday, the candidates and their vice-presidents will stay within their Divisions, unable to leave. Each member of the KTS is sent to the 'elevator' of his/her Division on their own. From there, they will announce their vote to the one of the men or women of Division Eighteen (the Division in charge of Stowde) via teleconference saying the exact words, 'I am agent (agent ID), (name), a (rank) of Division ___ of the KTS, and I am placing my vote for ___ to be the President of the Kids of the Twenty-Six.'

The votes will be counted and the winner announced by midnight that night. From there, a press-conference will be held with both nominees, the loser first and the winner second. The winner and his/ her vice will then move into the President Manor, where they will continue to be trained by the current President. On the day of the current presidents birthday, he/she will be discharged at the North Pole base. The new president will be sworn in immediately, though in private with only a few guests allowed. A mourning period of three days is left before the new president becomes publicly inaugurated at the New Mexico Base. This event in televised.

Power and DutiesEdit

The President is in charge of the KTS. He/she has ultimate control of every Division and is allowed to propose new laws to the Council. Although the Laws of KTS cannot be broken, the President can do anything within those lines. The President is also in charge of choosing the new members of Division Fifty. Although members may turn down the offer, the president can invite any member to join him/her in office.

The president is also in charge of mission assignment and brief. He/she is required to sign off on every mission, but is allowed to assign up to three members of Division Fifty to be in charge of missions after he/she has signed off on them.

The president must be present during the Initiation Ceremony, as he/she has approved all the new members of the KTS. The president is not allowed at any Discharge Ceremonies .

Past PresidentsEdit

President Vice-President Reign
Bick Oliver Maurice 2008-
Caterina Cascados Ricardo Trujillo 2006-2008
Sophia Hoffstad - 2003-2006
Akila Zuberu - 1998-2003
Shauna Wittneger Mandie White 1996-199


... 1906...1996
Harold Lochner Alfred Hobbs 1900-1906