Pippa is Head of Division Fifty of the KTS. She is a personal-assistant and friend to President Bick Oliver.


Born in South Africa, Pippa was recruited to the KTS at the age of nine. She was in the same recruiting class as Fiona. When Bick Oliver began his campaign for president, Fiona (whom was also a member of Division Six) recommended Pippa as a campaign manager, although she and Pippa never got along.

Pippa went on to run Oliver's campaign. When he was elected, she tried to go back to the division she was from, but he offered her a spot in Division Fifty. When

Age 14
Height 5'2"
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth South Africa
Affiliation KTS

Division Fifty

Unknown Division

KTS Initiation Age 9
Status Alive

Juliet turned down the role as Division Fifty Head, Pippa took her place. She has gone onto run her Division smoothly. Bick gives the majority of his work to Pippa. She also accompanies him to the majority of trips and meetings he attends much as a personal-assistant, which, when meeting members outside of the KTS, she is introduced as.

One of three photographs atop Bick's desk is one of him, Maurice, and Pippa fishing. She is described as smiling at the camera.


Pippa is very organized and sharp. She likes to be in charge and takes pleasure from organizing events and scheduling dates. She is very rigid, but also very quircky. She is slow to pick up humor, and often thinks Bick is serious in a request when he is clearly being sarcastic. She follows Bick around with a pen and pad of paper, much like a journalist. She doesn't mind doing much of Bick's work, and she is very loyal to her president. She is also the only person besides Bick who seems to understand Maurice. They are also very good friends.


Pippa is short, of average build. She is relatively plain looking, with straight brown hair that reaches her waist. She usually wears a pantsuit, and always wears flats. She is described as somewhat frumpy, but very sweet looking.