Maurice is the Vice-President of the KTS under Bick Oliver.


Not much is known about Maurice's background. He first met Bick during a mission five years ago. Bick said that they "worked as a team to get in and out of that building

Age 16
Height 5' 11"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth Cape Town, South Africa
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division Forty-One
Occupation Vice-President (KTS)
KTS Initiation Age 10
Status Alive
Family [d] younger brother

successfully, and I've trusted him with my life ever since." Maurice was originally part of Division Forty-One.


Maurice is very quiet, and though Bick says that he is not "mute", no one has yet heard him speak. Bick simply speaks for him, always saying that "Maurice thinks...". Maurice does not have many facial expressions either. For the most part, he never has any expression on his face. Although Maurice has no exact friends, he is well liked by the KTS, and they respect his judgment. He tends to agree with planning before action, which balances Bick out when it comes to strategy.


He is described as "squat and bulky, but tall enough to be daunting." He has dark dreads that fall to his shoulders, and a long white scar that runs from his right jaw up to his temple. He wears jeans and a red and blue striped cashmere sweater.


Book 1Edit

Maurice accompanies Bick to Division One to tell Rudy and Keen about a new job. He then comes back for the Christmas Dinner.

Book 2Edit

Maurice steps into the Presidency when Bick is injured. He speaks aloud in public for the first time, surprising Rudy and David who see him on television.