Kim with her hair down

'A13- Kimberly Kristin Lee' is one of the main characters of the series as Head of Division One of the KTS  . She is affiliated with Division One as a member; proxy leader; acting head; and Head. She is currently the highest ranking member of the KTS with her overall stats. She was a member of TOKO . She has two younger siblings, Stephen and Sarah. She is currently the Head of Division One of the KTS.


Kim was born in Iowa to Daniel and Abigail Lee. Kim comes from an upper middle class family. She had a good home life, her parents present and loving, but she never felt fulfilled, even as a child, and has since dismembered herself from her family and only speaks to them rarely. When she was six years old, her parents made the decision to move to New York City. It was there, at nine years old, when she was recruited by the

Age 16
Height 5' 6"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth New York, NY
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division One
Team Ezra
KTS Initiation Age 9
Agent I.D. A13
Status Alive
Relationship Status Sam Lukaas (boyfriend)
Family Daniel Lee (father)
Abigail Lee (mother)
Sarah Lee (sister)

Stephen Lee (brother)

KTS. A now disbanded agent saw her at a swim meet the agent was attending in support of his/her sibling. The agent, part of the Recruitment Squad , looked up Kim and her test scores, deciding the KTS needed her. She was the sent to Stowde , where she graduated top of her class and was initiated into Division One. Her potential was picked up on quickly by both the Head, Richard , and a member, Malcolm. Richard, who had also taken Mal under his wing, soon chose Kim to be his prodigy, eventually deciding to assign her Head in his wake. Kim credits him and her TOKO team leader, Ezra Cormier , with raising her. At twelve, Richard recruited her to TOKO where she was made part of the newly formed Team Ezra , which included Mal Turner, and newcomer to the KTS, Bick Oliver . Team Ezra accomplished more take downs than any other squad in the whole of TOKO. She has since been best friends with her two teammates and leader. When Mal was made Head after Richard was killed, she fully supported him, although aware that he had requested her. When Mal left, she was put into position as acting head while they went to retrieve him. When this failed, she was made the permanent head of Division One. Rudy Stertzer is her only new recruit.


Kim is described as being cold by her peers. She is often confused for being cruel, but this is highly disputed by members of her team. Kim is demanding, but honest. She does not lie, and has been proven to always do what she believes is right, whether the orders are regarded or not. She usually puts the KTS ahead of anything else, refusing to listen to Mal when he asks her to blow up a building. But has been seen to care about her friends more than the whole of the KTS, as when she refuses to hand over Rudy and when she doesn't pass the mission to eliminate Mal, still believing there is good in him somewhere. She smiles sometimes, as Rudy has acknowledged- 'it seems like a sad smile even when she is happy.' In the end of the first book, Bick tells her that 'you have no emotion anymore, you are never happy or sad- everything you do, every move you make is a lie.' She is often in denial about emotions, seen in the debate over whether she is in love with either Mal or Bick, or when Ezra confronts her about her decision to remain with the KTS though she really wants to leave. Kim is nice to people and not judgmental, but she is willing to do whatever it takes to do what she believes is right. She is described as abnormally calm and collected even in the most intense situations. She bottles up many feelings, so when she is stuck in an extremely risky situation, she can burst.


Rudy, Mal, and Gwen have all commented on Kim's appearance. She is said to be very attractive and mature looking for her age. For the first book, her hair is worn long, as it has been since childhood, and is always kept from her face in a tortoiseshell barrette, except when she sleeps. In the second book, she cuts her hair to her shoulders in an act of rebellion from Mal. She has dark skin and a nice pout. She is described as being of average height and weight and having thick, straight black hair. She wears black leggings and a long navy sweater. She wears black boots and carries a knife sheathed on her arm. Her Life Support is around her neck. Her ears are not pierced, and she has a tattoo of her name, A13, on the back of her neck. When she sleeps, she wears a pair of pale blue sweatpants and a silk black tank that slips off her shoulders suggestively, as described by Rudy.


Book 1Edit

Rudy's RecruitmentEdit

Kim is the first member of Division One that Rudy meets, as she is the only one to attend the initiation ceremony. She escorts Rudy back to the HQ and introduces him to the rest of the team. The next night, she goes out to dinner with her boyfriend. When Rudy asks Gwen about him and Kim, Gwen says that Kim is dating a local boy. They go out once or twice a week. She has never brought him over. The following morning is a Saturday, thus, Saturday brunch. As Rudy begins to ask his questions regarding the house, Kim keeps quiet, watching as her team is addressed, answering only when directly asked.

The Dinner GuestEdit

Bick drops by with Maurice a few days later for dinner and a briefing with Keen and Rudy on a new mission. Although Kim is reluctant to have him over, she cannot refuse him when he drops by. He announces that he and Maurice will drop by for the Christmas dinner. Kim insists that he wasn't invited, but he says he is coming anyways. In front of the table, Kim does not argue, and the dinner continues as normal. Kim treats Bick as she would any other respectable KTS member, and the relationship doesn't seem odd at all. It isn't until after dinner, when Bick corners her in the kitchen, coming so close to her she is forced back into the counter. He tells her that they have things they need to discuss. Kim tells him to leave, saying she has work to do and it is getting late. Bick leans down to her ear and whispers harshly, "he wants us to come see him tonight". Kim doesn't respond, and Bick leaves alone. But the next morning, Kim is gone, and David says that she left a few minutes after Bick. She is seen again that evening, although it is alluded to that she had been home for a while.

The next week during brunch, Rudy poses a question about Bick to the table, and Gwen tells him to ask Kim, because they are friends. Rudy thinks this is odd, because they didn't seem friendly, but he poses the question to her. She pretends not to be listening, and as he is about to repeat himself, the waitress comes, and she never replies.

Christmas DinnerEdit

Throughout the next few days, Kim starts her plans for the Christmas dinner she plans on hosting when pressured by W211. After planning things over with Keen, she decides to invite the 10 Heads, along with Derrick from Division 16 and Aimee along with him. Before the party starts, the bell rings and Rudy calls out that a man is here for Kim. It is Ezra Cormier. She smiles when she sees him and immediately hands him a gift. He is surprised, but takes it anyways. As he seems to want to stay, she leaves him alone with her team.

Bick comes in late, and upon seeing Ezra, says "you invited Cormier, but not me?" he whines, but then winks at the guests. Kim only glances at him, listening as her team becomes even more mystified as to Ezra's importance and standing.

That night she and Ezra and Bick go talk in her room. When they come out a few minutes later, she and bick are visibly withdrawn, and Ezra, fine as ever, leaves with Bick. Ezra warns Kim and her team about the "guests observing them", effectively warning them about the GB stationed outside.

The HQ attackEdit

Kim tells her team to continue as normal, telling Isadora to spot them out. Kim does the dishes with Keen's help. They go into the basement after an hour where Issa maps out the people watching them. When Keen recognizes one of them, Kim tells him to leave it, and go to sleep. She says they will attack at !:34 sharp.

When the clock hits, Kim is the first to go outside, waiting for the leader to come out. When she does, Kim asks why she is here, and their leader just tells her that the GB wants Rudy. Kim asks why, and the girl says because she wants him, Kim refuses to turn over Rudy. A fight breaks out.

But as the team comes out to help her fight, David is shot in the leg. Gwen calls Kim over to show her that the GB are using real bullets. Kim, scared, demands her team move out, as they are ill-prepared. The GB continue attacking. Keen asks for terms of surrender, but when they demand for Rudy and nothing more, Kim tells Keen no. In one instant, Kim steals the gun from the GB leader and takes out the GB leader, stealing her gun and threatening her with it. She tells the GB members that she will leave their leader for them to take home if they retreat now. Otherwise, she will continue to fight them, with the leaders gun now, and they can play it by ear. The GB members agree to her terms and retreat. She tells David to get the plane ready, they are leaving.

The team moves out to New Mexico. Division Two and Seven are called in. Kim has the Division Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five give her team food and rest. Instead of falling asleep, she spends the night with David in the infirmary. Bick finds her there a an hour later and asks her what she is doing there. She tells him it is to honor the man who taught her everything, because he would do it for anyone. Bick tells her that Ezra wouldn't do it, but he would have, hinting at a third party. Kim tells him that she is mimicking neither, but Richard.

Book 2Edit