The KTS is a alliance known as the Kids of the Twenty Six. They are the enemies of the GB and are the main source for recruitment to TOKO . There are approximately 1,000 children ages 9-17 currently initiated. These children are spread out over 50 Divisions all across the world. Stowde School for the Gifted is the cover for the KTS. Bick Oliver is the current president.


The KTS, a.k.a. the Kids of the Twenty Six, was founded in 1900 by a man named Harold Lochner, the original agent A1 (the current A1 is in Division Thirty Six).
He was fifteen years old at the time.
The idea had started out as a game. A town of farm children divided in two: the KTS and the GB. The KTS named each other, as a joke, A1, B1, C9, etc. Twenty Six letters in the alphabet, Kids of the Twenty Six. The GB’s didn’t have names. They were just Girl or Boy, Girls and Boys.
Harold Lochner was the leader of the KTS. Alford Greenbaum was head of the GB. It was a game. A fun game. The two sides chose bases, and slowly planned attacks. There were kidnapping, trading, winning, losing. It was a game. A joke.
But one day, it turned sour. Harold Lochner died at age seventeen in an unrelated accident. Over the few years of play, the two sides had become fiercely loyal, and when the game ended, the feelings of hate were so strong that no agents of opposing side would walk down the same side of the street.
Eventually, the rules were made. And then it wasn’t a game anymore. It was a lifestyle.
The KTS and the GB ruled the world. The clubs extended across the United States, and soon into other countries. In mid-1950’s, the first schools were built.


Twenty years later, the first buildings. Now, KTS two bases, one in New Mexico, the other on an uncharted island off the coast of the North Pole. There are twenty five chambers in each base, one for each Division; some Divisions are staffed there full time. Both bases are located underground and are approximately twenty acres in size. Each base consists of a medial wing, a private office for the president and Division Fifty, a state-of-the-art training center, three conference rooms, a grand ballroom, and an auditiorium. These buildings are used solely for the purpose of the KTS and all group events. No one without their name filed is allowed within the bases, as they are with other KTS buidlings.



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Kts has an international borading school in rural Montana called Stowde. Some normal kids attend, but they think it is an average school. The adults that teach there, apart from three ex-presidents of the KTS that were ever discharged, think it is an average school as well.

Basic Facts

  • No names. That was one of the first rules. A name makes it personal. You may only know the names of the people you work with. Your division, your friends. It is a privilege, to know a name.
  • At seventeen, you will be officially discharged. Only the presidents aren’t discharged, just made to step down. You must honorably discharge, that is the second rule.
  • You may never speak about the KTS to any non-agent or recruit. That is third rule, the top three which must be obeyed above all other laws of the KTS.
  • There are fifty divisions, each one with a specialty, about twenty kids or so per division.

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