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H766- Juliet Glattzer is a supporting character in the KTS. She is Head of Division Six and a sometimes love interest of President Bick Oliver.


While Juliet was the proxy leader of Division Six, she was offered a position on the newly formed TOKO, but turned it down. She recommended her a member of her team, Bick Oliver, to fill the position. The leaders of TOKO didn't want to take Bick and pushed for Juliet, even sending Ezra Cormier to convince her to join his team. Ezra spoke with Juliet, and taking a liking to her, decided to take her advice, and he accepted Bick. When they wiped Juliet's memory of the interaction, Erza watched on.

Age 18
Height 5' 8"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Place of Birth Bristol, U.K.
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division Six
KTS Initiation Age 9
Status Alive [hd]
Relationship Status Bick Oliver (ex-lover)

Juliet went on to become Head and assigned Bick as her proxy leader. Bick calls her his first crush, and claims he was in love with her since he was recruited. Juliet never seems to reciprocate his feelings, if anything, feeling swamped by all his advances. Nevertheless, she cares about Bick very much as a friend and comrade. She supported him in his bid for presidency, but when offered the job as Head of Division Fifty, she turned him down, saying that she could never serve directly under him, it would throw off her whole balance.

Juliet then assigned Fiona as her proxy leader.

Juliet was Bick's choise witness when he was sworn in.


Juliet is very quiet, arrogant, and crass. She is considered by Keen to be one of the toughest Head's in the KTS by what she demands from her members. But in doing so, she has elevated the stats of all her members.


She is described as being "icy" or, as Keen refers to her, "the Ice Queen". She is described as being very beautiful in a very scary looking way. She had straight, light colored hair, bright blue eyes, and very pale skin. She has no markings or blemishes, and looks almost porcelian in appearence. She wears her Life Support around her wrist. She wear a gray dress that is held by two thin straps on her angular shoulders. The dress reaches past her knees,and underneath, she had biker shorts that hold a dart gun she carries with her at all times. She also wear brown leather ankle boots. When it is cold, she will never cover her legs, but adds a black cardigan to her ensemble.


Book 1Edit

Juliet is seen in the middle of Book 1, during the initiation ceremony, when Bick asks her, "why will you never agree to go out with me?" She tells him, "because you aren't in love with me." He laughs, and tell her: "i've been in love with you since I was nine years old." And she responds, "I've seen the way you look at her, B. When the Ten came together that first night, it was like you two had known each other for years." Bick shrugs and laughs is off.

Later, Juliet is seen at the Christmas Party, and Keen calls her the "ice queen".

Book 2Edit

Juliet is seen in the middle, walking in on Kimberly Lee kissing an unconscious Bick. Juliet says to her: "don't do this to him. This is unfair." When Kim doesn't respond, Juliet continues, "you can't choose him now. You can't have both of them. You chose Turner and he left. Bick isn't your consolation prize." Kim says she knows this, but Juliet tells her that she "should leave." Kim gets up and walks out as Juliet comes in.

Near the end of the book, when Bick wakes up, Juliet is with him. She tells him that he is "truly the person who ever lived." And then she kisses him, long and hard. When she gets up, she whispers, "goodbye, B."

In the last chapter of the book, Ezra gives him a letter from Juliet. He tells him that she was discharged the day before. Bick gets upset, and violently reacts, shouting at Ezra and trying to get out of bed. When Ezra pushes him down and makes him calm down, Ezra says to him, "she was a truly special woman." Bick wonders how he knew Juliet, but doesn't ask. Ezra has never said that about anyone before. Kim says he couldn't have gone anyways, but Bick says he would have, "for her. I would have, for her."

Book 3Edit

Juliet is seen in the first chapter of the book when Bick is released from the hospital and goes to see her. She is in Wales, a month into University. He sees her sitting on a wall facing a boy her age. She is reading aloud to him, smiling and laughing. He hides in the bushes, but as soon as the boy leaves her, he goes up to her. He says her name, but he doesn't have a chance to speak with her because some of her friends come to see her and say hi. One says, "Juliet, you didn't tell me you knew such a handsome bloke." Juliet just watches him, looking at him with recognition before she shakes her head and says, "I don't know him. I've never seen him before in my life." He says, "I'm in your Language class." She just frowns and says, "I would have noticed an American in my class. There are only thirteen students. If you want sleep with me, you could have been a bit less obvious about it." And she gets up and walks away. A friend says, "Oi, you shouldn't turn down such a good-looking boy." But she just keeps walking away. Eventually, she glances back at him, and she realizes she is crying, but she doesn't know why. Bick waits until she has disappeared, and then leaves as well, vowing to never return.

That is the last time he sees Juliet.