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Jeff is a student at Willow Brook School during the third book. He is captain of the basket ball team. Jeff has a crush on Fiona and is constantly flirting with her although she continues to be rude and push him away. When he finds out she is coaching the girl's lacrosse team, he offers to help her out. She refuses, but he comes anyways and ends up helping her. Aimee Duncan flirts with him once because she thinks he is "kind of cute" although Gwen Archer insists that he is "funny-looking." Jeff only seems interested in Fiona, pushing off invitations from other girls. During the final winning game, she kisses him, pulls away, and then they kiss again, causing to Gwen to make a remark about how even Fiona could get a boyfriend. Jeff doesn't know about the KTS.

Age 16
Height 5' 11"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Place of Birth Florida, USA
Affiliation Willow Brook School
Status Alive
Relationship Status Fiona (crush)