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Fiona is a member of the KTS. She is proxy leader of Division Six in the beginning of the series under Juliet Glattzer, and then stepping into Head after Juliet's discharge.


Fiona was a member of Division Six, initiated a few years after Bick Oliver. She wasn't supposed to proxy leader, but when Bick left to become president, she willingly took his spot. She is not

Age 14
Height 5' 3"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth Cardiff, U.K.
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division Six
KTS Initiation Age 9
Status Alive
Relationship Status Jeff (crush)

friends with Pippa, but had previously known her as they were initiated together, and recommended her to Bick as a campaign manager. At Juliet's request for an in-house medic, Fiona spent a summer with Division Twenty-Seven, learning about medicine.


Fiona, like Juliet, is very sharp and controlling. She and Juliet weren't friendly, but they both had similar views. Fiona wears an earpiece at all times to talk with her Head, and when she becomes Head, she demands this of her proxy leader. She talks very quickly and directly and is very up-tight. She disagrees with Juliet's provacative style and promiscuous habits. Fiona doesn't like to personally do physical attacks, and tends to stay away, leading her team from the outside. But because of her nerve of direct physical contact, she often trains in taijutsu to overcome that, nervous that the time will come when she has to fight and she won't be able to help. Whenever forced into the situation, she has shown to be quite the offensive.


Fiona wears her hair back in a low ponytail. She wears a white blouse and black pencil skirt that is slit up the side to allow her to fight. She wears black heeled boots. Her Life Support is around her neck, and she always has a black earpiece in.


Book 1Edit

Fiona is seen at the Christmas party standing next to Juliet. She is said to be proxy leader of Division Six.

Book 2

Fiona appears at the Ten Meeting. Juliet quizzes her on possible scenarios for the meeting and on the stats of each person attending. 

She is later seen with a bandage on her shoulder. It is revealed to be a 6 in honor of Juliet.

Fiona is mentioned once more, at the end of the book when Ezra Cormier tells Bick that Juliet was discharged, the letter mentions Fiona taking over. 

Book 3Edit

Fiona is put undercover in the school along with Division One and Sixteen. She has trouble making friends with any of them and soon drifts off, leaving the mission to them and deciding to train to girl's lacrosse team. She often butts heads with Division One and Sixteen, once, getting into a fight with Aimee Duncan. Finally, in the end of the book, it is discovered that Fiona had been following a lead the whole time, and had discovered that three of her lacrosse team players were GB members. In the last scene of the book, Bick, Maurice, Division One, Six, Ten, and Sixteen all come to the final lacrosse game of the season (even Ezra and Spencer Brown come, hiding in the crowd). Fiona's team wins and she is thrown around by her teammates (lacrosse), and even kissed by Jeff, a boy at the school, captain of the basketball team.