Ezra Cormier is a supporting protagonist in the story. He is introduced as an old family friend of Kim's, but is later discovered to be her captain. He is a retired member of MI6 and is the leader of Team Ezra.


Ezra was born in London, England twenty-eight years ago. His past is never mentioned, except it is known that he has a dark side, which Bick attributes to his

Age 28
Height 6'
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth London, U.K.
Affilation MI6
Rank Team Ezra
Status Alive

past. No details of what happened to him are known. It is assumed by Rudy and Gwen that he was part of MI6 before committing a crime (which they believe to be treason) and being imprisoned. Somehow, he managed to get out, and has been contracted by the President of the United States, who personally asked him to help with the newly formed TOKO association.


Although Ezra was imprisoned for a year he is not a criminal. Rudy and Gwen, assuming that he was imprisoned for treason, believe that he was causing civil disobediance, fighting for what he believed in. He has been known to disobey orders, but only when he feels it is the right thing to do. He is not loyal to anyone, not even himself. He views things as right or wrong, and if something is right, he will do it, no matter whether ordered to or not. He is very intelligent. Ezra also tends to be quiet most of the time, except when he has something important to say, in which case he will speak. He is also very observant of the world and of other people, including his team. This is found odd by most people, since, to the naked eye, Ezra comes off as completely bored. He is quite lazy and will do nothing unless he is forced to. His tendency of treating everyone with respect, no matter how he views them personally, is envied by Kim.

Ezra is good friends with all his teammembers. He geniunlly likes Bick and Kim. Although he was one of the many people who told Kim to leave Mal be and not force him to come back to TOKO, he was one of the two opinions she sought out. Although he has stated his diagreement with Bick and her to find Mal, he accompanied them on more than one trip after Mal left, searching for him. He believes that Mal will come around, but whether he does in time is his own choice. He also believes that if it came down to it, the KTS could take down Mal, but since Bick and Kim hold the two most important positions, it will never happen, although they both protest, Bick and Kim will never be able to kill Mal.

Ezra faked a job as a foster father as a favor to Kim. At her request, he didn't mention anything about TOKO, instead, befriending Division One and taking an interest in the KTS after talking with Rudy. He often uses different accents when talking to different people. For a long time, Division One (minus Kim) had thought he was American except for Isadora, with whom he conversed in French.


Ezra is tall and somewhat lanky. Although he is strong, Bick has made fun of him for being so skinny. He can look ver sophisticated when groomed, but otherwise looks like a "teenager with his messy hair that didn't seem to want to stay down." Aimee Duncan has said that she wants to "run her fingers through his untidy locks." He wears a black shirt usually, with a pair of dark brown cords. He usually has a knee length, purplish brown leather jacket. He has a short chain necklace with a blank silver pedant the size of a dime on the end.


Book 1Edit

Ezra is first alluded to in the beginning of the first book, as Bick secludes Kim in a corner and tells her that they "must go see him tonight." Kim doesn't respond to this, but is absent from the house the next morning. His first appearence comes during Christmas when he stops by to pick something up from Kim. Surprisingly, she gives him a present. As he is leaving, the rest of the team come home and want to be introduced. Ezra greets them all, using an American accent. Keen invites him to come join in their dinner, and Ezra, to Kim's dislike, agrees. He is placed between Bick and Keen throughout the dinner, and though it is noticeably awkward for the table, Ezra acts oblivious to this, responding to each question placed at him by an interrogating Amiee and Gwen. During this time, he begins speaking in French to Isadora, therefore confusing the table (save for Kim and Bick) of his true nationality. After dinner, Bick, Kim, and Ezra go into her room to discuss something. They come out soon later, and though Bick and Kim are noticeably withdrawn, Ezra seems fine as ever. He bids the team goodbye and tells them to watch for the spies next door, successfully alerting the team to the GB stationed outside. He just smiles, rubs his neck, and leaves.

Book 2Edit

Ezra is first seen in a flashback in the prolouge of the book. He is with Team Ezra while in a meeting with the President of the United States. As they de-breif the president on their past assignment, Ezra just sits patiently and listens, hands in his pockets. Later, as the team is leaving the office, Ezra watches Bick thank Mal for saving his life. As Kim remembers this, she wakes up and calls Ezra, telling him she wants to meet.

Ezra appears again in the middle of the book after the KTS has been infiltrated by Mal and his team. Bick is in the hospital