Claire is a member of the KTS. He is introduced as a member of Division Six in the beginning of the series under Juliet Glattzer. After Juliet's discharge, he is promoted to Proxy Leader. 


Claire is outwardly very quiet, but is noted to tell good stories. He has a warped sense of morals and no loyalty to the KTS itself, but loyalty to his Division, which Fiona has said will make him a good Head one day, because

Age 13
Height 5'7"
Hair Red
Eyes Brown
Place of Birth New York, USA
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division 6
Position Proxy-Leader
KTS Initation Age 9
Status Alive

he wants to follow what doctrine Juliet has set forth and will follow the rules because it is what is best for his Division. He has a genuine like of Rudy Stertzer and looks out for him on multiple occasions.  


Claire is noted for being good looking, to the point where multiple people approach him. Because his good looks are equally on par with his fearsome expression, most people who express interest are seeking a "bad-boy", but quickly turn away when they become scared of him. Claire is lean and very pale. He has a few freckles across his nose and dark red hair that frames his face perfectly. He believes in dressing up for certain events and is said to frequently gel his hair back when fighting. He otherwise tends to wear a pair of old-style trousers rolled up at the bottom and a button down shirt tucked in. He wears sweaters frequently. He also wears a tan trench coat. 


Book 2Edit

Claire first appears in the second story. He is mentioned while standing next to Fiona. He introduces himself to Rudy and Rudy appears to be wary of him. He leans into Rudy and whispers that "we'll be seeing a lot of each other soon, won't we?" Gwen brushes his comment off and attributes it to his personality. He is mentioned to be the Proxy-Leader in line. 

Book 3Edit