Benjamin Turner is the elder from of Malcolm Turner and the son of Thomas and Diana Turner . His current whereabouts are unknown.


Like his brother, Ben had a good childhood previous to his parents death. He was close with his younger brother and had a great many friends. On the day of the murder, Ben's mother had pulled him out of school for an unexplained reason. The police reports say that she was frantic as came to the school and pulled him out of class without taking the proper procedure. She was home for approximately an hour before her murder took place. Ben has not spoken of this time, unwilling to mention what his mother and father might have to told him, why they pulled him from

Age 22
Height 5'10"
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Place of Birth Westchester, NY
Status Missing

[d] Thomas Turner (father)
[d] Diana Turner (mother)
Malcolm Turner (brother)

school, or who committed the murders.

Around 4pm that Tuesday, as Mal came home from school, he found his parents murdered. Although Ben doesn't comment on the fact that Mal did not see him, it can be assumed that Ben did see Mal. As the police came inside, they found Ben covered in his parents blood, and took him to the hospital. He was nine years old at the time.

Not much is mentioned about his past during the next few months, but it is known that Ben was hospitalized for traumatic stress for a fair amount of time before being admitted to a hospital for the mentally impaired. While in this hospital, he is able to write a letter to Mal telling him to find the KTS.

Ben remains in the hospital throughout his childhood and into his adult life.


Book 1Edit

Ben is mentioned, though not by name, when David Taylor says to Rudy Stertzer that Mal has a brother.

Book 2Edit

Ben is mentioned, not by name, by Ezra Cormier as he tries to explain to Bick Oliver why Mal has left. Bick says that he knows it, but Mal wasn't like his brother. Ezra agrees, telling Bick he had checked on Ben multiple times throughout the past year and a half, but had seen nothing out of the ordinary. Bick says that he has too, and he imagines Kim Lee has done the same.

Book 3Edit

In the end of the book, as Isadora Thompson picks up the newspaper, the headline reads that a man, whose identity has been kept secret, has escaped from a state hospital and is now on the run. The picture reveals a man who Isadora believes is Ben. She gives the paper to Rudy, who is with her among the rubbles of the KTS New Mexico Base, and he examines it, and tells her to not mention it to anyone else and hides the paper.