Aimee Duncan is a member of Division Sixteen of the KTS . She is a supporting character in the series, introduced in the first book. She is Henry Keener's girlfriend.


Aimee was raised in Austin, Texas until she was recruited by the KTS at age eight when she was caught running major underground bubblegum world. She had put together crews and had had children steal, sell, and buy gum. She was called the 'Bubble Queen'. On her seventh birthday, the empire fell when her trusted advisor got caught stealing and gave up her name. She was suspended from school and the local newspaper ran

Age 15
Height 5' 9"
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Place of Birth Austin, Texas
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division Sixteen
KTS Initiation Age 9
Status Alive
Relationship Status Henry Keener (boyfriend)

stories about her. In the year and a half of her empire, she had earned over $500. The KTS offered her recruitment, as did the GB , but she refused both parties, wanting to stay at home with her parents. When the national news began to shin light on the child genius, she decided to take up the offer the KTS had given her to keep her grandmother from having a heart attack when she read the paper. She was initiated into Division Sixteen. She met Keen when she was twelve years old during a mission. She was getting her promotion to go under deep cover, and her Head at the time requested that she prove herself by conning one of The Ten Divisions. She chooses Division One, pretending to be a GB informant and giving Keen and Gwendolyn Archer false information. She tells Keen and Gwen immediately afterwards, which results in Gwen hating her, and Keen, who had thought she was cute already, developing a crush on her. They begin dating. When Malcolm Turner disappears, and Keen, carrying Kimberly Lee out of the building, sees Aimee going back to her Division. She is neither proxy leader of her division nor ever will be because, according to Gwen, she is too lazy and irresponsible to be in charge. Although she has aligned loyalty to the KTS and follows orders, she is only playing the game for fun.


Aimee is very crass and sarcastic, much like Gwen. Their personalities are so similar, it amazes everyone that they are not best friends- instead, they despise one another, although this slowly starts to disappear as time goes on and every now and then they begin to friendly, making fun of people together. Aimee is very bossy with Keen, making David Taylor remark to Rudolph Stertzer that "she's got him whipped." She yells often as well and is very demanding and stubborn. She is a good fighter and, like Gwen, enjoys to use dart and splat guns opposed to one on on combat.


Aimee is relatively tall and willowy. She has a goth look to her, and wears usually heavy eyeliner and lots of black and gray. She commonly has on a gray tank top that is loose and hangs down to her thighs, a black iris is the picture on the shirt. She wears tight black jeans and black high heeled boots with silver studs. She has red hair that is left long and usually wavy. She always has a black sweater on and sometimes, in winter, wears a dark blue scarf. She commonly has on many necklaces and bracelets. She wears fishnet, finger-less gloves during every season. Her Life Support is around her neck.