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Ailsa Greer- is a member of the KTS. She is Head of Division Forty-Five.


Ailsa is described as being very loud and arrogant. She prides herself on finding at least ten agents with stats above 20.3 each year. She has been Head since she was thirteen.


Ailsa is short and has very curly red hair and a lot of freckles. She wears a green tank and jeans and sometimes a sweater. Her Life Support is around her neck.

Age 15
Height 5' 2"
Hair Red
Eyes Green
Place of Birth Rosyth, Scotland
Affiliation KTS
Rank Division Forty-Five
KTS Initiation Age 9
Status Alive


Book 1Edit

Ailsa is seen in the beginning of Book 1, as she announces the placement of each newly initated member. She is introduced by President Bick Oliver. She then leads Rudolph Stertzer away to a side room to announce to him his new place in Division One. She brags to Bick about her accomplishments since she was thirteen.

Book 3Edit

Ailsa is seen in the beginning of the book at the president's ball and says hello to Rudy, asking him how he is doing in Division One and in the KTS. She seems oblivious to the events that had recently happened with Malcolm Turner, and lets Rudy know that she will stop by his new school to see him. Ailsa writes a letter to Rudy, who writes back inviting her to the season ending game of Fiona's. She is then seen there, smiles to Rudy, and then continues shouting at the players in her loud voice.